11.2015 3rd EOP International Film Festival, Bruxelles, Belgium;

10.2015 2nd Festival Cine Sordo, Ecuador;

09.2015 Ability Film Festival, Chennai, India;

05.2015 63rd Trento Film Festival, Italy;

12.2014 The Other Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia;

11.2014 Ho Chi Minh City Int'l Film Festival, Vietnam;

06.2014 Culture Unplugged, International ePlatform Festival;

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11.2013 Intimate Lens Festival of Visual Ethnography, Caserta, Italy;

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11.2012 Red Rock Film Festival, Utah, USA;

10.2012 Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival, Amsterdam, NL;

07.2012 Omroep Gelderland, Dutch Television;

Ik Gebaar, Ik Leef  (NL)

I Sign, I Live   (EN)

Documentary, 2012, 58 min.

Art academy student and VJ Jascha (20) was born deaf in a world full of hearing people. He can't escape it if he wants to fulfill his ambitions. This makes him rebellious and uncertain. Armed with a camera, he visits Europe's only home for eldery deaf people and tries to find out how these people have lived their lives.


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