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  1. Jascha Blume, Amsterdam 1987 

    Jascha Blume (1987) is a multidisciplinary artist, interested in time as an aspect of his work. Influenced by his deafness, he experiences the world in his own way, without sounds. He explores the tension in the limits of the body and the boundaries of space; the paradoxical experience provoked by the coincidence of the 'here-and-now' and the 'then-and-there'. 

    "The physicality of Jascha’s language (as in ‘sign-‘) as well as the necessity he feels to create visual art to ‘see himself speak’ (where others hear themselves speak) struck me as a rich source for a great variety of works. His experimenting with Gifs -which have striking similarities to the coding of signs suggests a sensitivity to what is actualin the world of the moving image." 
    Sander Blom - mentor Master of Film Nederlandse Filmacademie. 

    "The installation by Jascha is well articulated and carefully executed. He acknowledges the particular qualities of the spaces and in corporates them into his artwork. The rotting fruit in the vitrine offers and interesting counterpoint to the careful arrangement of objects, screens and plants in the mainroom. The viewer is confronted with a dual reality – in which the positive and the negative coexist next to each other, but at the same time have no way of interfering with one another. Jascha has a keen eye to detail and works with great precision."
    Marta Jurkiewicz - filmmaker/alumni Rietveld Academie en Film Academie