Jascha Blume

last updated on april 2021

The Death of The Real by The Image

2 stand televisions with wheels, 1 videoloop, 6 animated GIF images-loops and crepe-tapes on the floor surface.

The idea with which Andy Warhol used repetition with a specific goal, this shows parallels with the idea of a static GIF-reproduction machine that I work with a lot. Due to the repetition, a new experience is created on site: "Andy Warhol's art can be considered as an embodiment of the theory of Baudrillard's theory of the death of the real by the image. This occurs because of the image's break from reality (simulacra)".

With this idea I try to explore the boundary between virtual and actual time when the Simulacrum no longer represents higher values. How does it affect the idea of my digital profile, space and time.