Jascha Blume

last updated on april 2021


Neonblue wire, folding chair, iPad, speakers, "tick-tack"-soundloop, Bright-lamp and a reflection screen.

I explored different ways to reflect my mind into the space and explore the power of repetition.

"Repetition is a powerful means of intensifying inner emotion and at the same time creating a primitive rhythm which is in turn a means of attaining a primitive harmony in every form of art." (Kandinsky)

In this installation, the space is bordered by gray concrete walls and weakly lit with a Bright Light lamp that is on the ground. The neon light on the wall makes a very soft and ultra-high noise that adds an extra layer to the repetitive 'tick-tack' sound that is soft, but can be heard throughout the entire space.

http://jaschablume.nl/files/gimgs/th-30_IMG_4227 copy.jpg
http://jaschablume.nl/files/gimgs/th-30_IMG_4226 copy.jpg